The first hole on the Bear Course is the 19th hole of the 27 holes here at River Oaks. It is a very slight dog leg left with water running down the 2nd half of the hole along the right hand side of the fairway all the way through the green. The optimum tee shot would be a little draw to take the ball down the left-center on the fairway.  This sets up a short iron or wedge shot into a wide open putting surface.   A good hole to start with.  Nice and easy before we crank things up a little bit of the challenge meter.

The 20th hole is a challenging par 5 with water and trees lining both sides of the fairway.  The cart path dissects the fairway about halfway down the hole and narrows it as well. Avoid the water that is along the left side of the fairway when setting up the approach shot. A short iron or wedge is in order on shot number three. Hit it to the center of the smallish green for the safe play. Par is a good score on this tough hole.

Water is the main obstacle on the short par 3 22nd hole. Even though it is only 120 yards long the green is a peninsula surrounded by water. Be sure to select the proper club when teeing off. Just aim for the center of the green and walk away with a par.

The par 4 23rd hole is a good scoring hole.  A nice open fairway awaits off the tee allow golfers to really get after the tee ball and get some extra yardage.  With a short iron in hand for the second shot, aim for the flag on this nice oval shaped green and go for it.  This is a birdie hole.

The short par 4 25th hole is just 294 yards long but it is not an easy hole to play. The fairway is cut short by water which requires less than driver off the tee.  The approach shot can be intimidating as well.  Balls on the center or right side of the fairway will have to be hit over water to the green.  Long is safe so don’t be afraid to take enough club.  Par is a very good score here.

A fantastic par 5 is the final hole on the Bear Nine.  This severe dogleg right around water is great challenge and great hole. The tee shot needs to favor the left side of the fairway if there is any hope for hitting the green in two for the big hitters.  It is also important to be on that side for the shorter hitters to set up the approach shot.  The approach shot should be a wedge.  That will be helpful since the front of the green is narrow thanks to two green side bunkers.  A birdie is possible due to the length of the hole but par is a really good score to end the round.

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