The Otter Course at River Oaks is a great nine holes and today we take a look at playing the first hole on Otter which is the par 4 10th hole. It is a really good hole to start this nine with. It sets the tone for what golfers can expect from the golf course throughout their day.

The 10th hole is fairly open for the most part which is very inviting to players standing on the tee box. There is a premium on accuracy on the tee shot though. There is a small stream that runs along the left side of the hole and trees and a fairway bunker guarding the landing area on the right. It is not narrow but players need to focus hitting the fairway.

The second shot finds golfers looking at an elevated green that is protected by sand short on both sides of the surface. The green slopes fairly severely from back to front. Hitting the ball to the correct part of the green is very important here. The surface is not very wide but it is deep.

Players should have short to mid-irons in their hands for the approach shot so we should see some good attempts. If the ball ends up on the wrong level of the putting surface it will be difficult for players to get in the hole in two putts let alone one. Make sure to pay attention to the pin placement and use enough club to get the job done.

Once on the green players are looking at some serious slope! There is not a flat putt on the green and it is also hard to find a straight one either. Walking off this green with a 2-putt or better is a good accomplishment for sure.

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