The 4th hole on the Fox Course at River Oaks Golf Club is a tricky little par 4 with a tight dog-leg left and a smallish green tuck back in the trees. We are going to give some tips to play this hole.

To start we look at the view from the tee. The left of the fairway all the way to the hole is lined by trees and wooded area. On the right are some more trees that turn into homes on the dog-leg. The safe shot is to play an iron or hybrid to the corner and leave a short to mid iron shot into the green. There are a couple other options.

The longer hitters have 2 choices. One is to play a big draw or almost a hook and sling the ball around the corner and run the ball down by the green. The second option is to take the ball up over the top of the trees in a direct line to the green or just in front. Either option is definitely a risk-reward scenario. The risk is being buried in the trees and the reward is being right down in front of the green with nothing more than a chip shot into the putting surface and a great chance for birdie.

For most players who play the safe route we are looking at a relatively straightforward slightly downhill shot into a small green. There are bunkers left and more trees long. Generally players will have a short iron in their hand as they should be inside the 150 marker.

The front of the green slope back down into the fairway so make sure that when playing the approach shot to take enough club to reach the middle of the green not matter where the flag is. Since the green is on the smaller side, putting from the center of the surface is not too difficult to make a go at any hole location.

This is a fun hole for players that like to take chances. It is easier to score for the players that play the safe route. Either way the par 4 4th hole at River Oaks is a golf hole that makes golfers think from the moment they step on the tee box.