The Fox Course Hole No. 2 gives golfers a risk reward tee shot early in the round.  The hole is only 337 yards from the white tees but the shape of the fairway and the location of a few trees along the left side makes this short par 4 a much tougher hole than the yardage on the scorecard indicates.  This gives a glimpse of the many holes at RIver Oaks Golf Club that players will have to think their way around and not just “grip it and rip it”.

No. 2 is a dogleg left to a slightly elevated green that presents 2 or 3 options off the tee.  The aggressive route is the try to take the tee shot very high over the few trees that are at the beginning of the dogleg.  This requires getting the driver up pretty high, pretty fast which is tough to do.  The other aggressive play is to draw the ball around the corner.  Either of these approaches are attractive to better players because it puts the ball inside 70 yards of the green.  The safe route is to play something less than driver off the tee to the wide part of the fairway.  This will leave 100-130 yards into the green.

Whichever route golfers choose to go they have to deal with a slightly elevated putting surface that does not leave much room for error.  Shots missing the green short, long or right will leave pitch shots back up the slope to the green.  A miss left flirts with bouncing off the cart path.  Accuracy is imperative on the approach shot.  The good news is that most golfers will have short irons or wedges in their hands for the approach which allows for a higher chance of ending up on the putting surface.

If players can navigate the corner and get onto the green in two shots they will have a good look at birdie and should walk away with a par at worst.  The surface is relatively flat and should not provide much trouble once golfers have a look at a putt.  This is a great hole to play.  It is fun and makes players think about ball position off the tee and allows for some creativity throughout the hole.  Fox Course No. 2 is one of the best holes at River Oaks to play.

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