The management and staff at River Oaks Golf Club is happy to announce that they now have a brand new fleet of golf carts on property.  These new Yamaha golf carts come complete with some of the latest bells and whistles that make for a great round of golf for the players as they drive the carts around the course during their 18 holes.  On this edition of Tee It  Up Grand Strand we are going to check out these great Yamaha golf carts with PGA Head Professional, Scott Taylor.

The last batch of golf carts that River Oaks had were 4 years old.  The update of the golf carts is a busy and fun day at the course.  Not only does the staff have to unload and log in all the new carts but they get to load up the old ones and ship them back to Yamaha.  This is because the course runs a lease program with Yamaha for the carts.  So Scott and his crew were at it before the sun came up the day the carts were delivered to ensure golfers had new carts to ride in.

Some of the new features on these carts are a new club and ball washer on the driver side of the cart along with a sand bucket on the passenger side.  The sand bucket with a scope is a great tool golfers can use to fill in their divots in the fairway and it is much easier to lay the sand out than the old bottle type.  The golf bag cover on the back of the cart is nice for when it rains.  These new carts even have the River Oaks logo on the cover.

Probably the coolest and very useful addition to the new carts is the USB plugs located on both the driver and passenger side of the cart.  These allow golfers to keep their cell phones charged or their speaker for music charged.  We all use our phone on the course and these days a lot of players listen to music too.  This is a great feature.

Come of out to River Oaks Golf Club and take a ride on the new Yamaha golf carts and see for yourself how cool they are.  To make a tee time click on the tab above or call the golf shop at 843.236.2222.